Cummins Emission Solutions is a leading global aftertreatment & engineered component supplier that provides the highest level of technology to support and meet the constantly evolving emissions standards for the on- and off-highway markets. Cummins Emission Solutions can offer a variety of proven solutions to best fit your needs from fully integrated aftertreatment systems to individual system components.

Cummins Emission Solution’s newest product addition to the urea dosing platform is the UL2 Liquid-Only Urea Dosing System. This liquid-only dosing system focuses on oxides of nitrogen (NOx) reduction capabilities that support application ranges from low to high flow selective catalytic reduction (SCR) dosing applications. The UL2 system is the only liquid-only dosing system commercially available that is capable of meeting high-flow dosing rates of up to 20.5 kg/hr.

Urea Supply Unit               

  • Mounts to the chassis  
  • Heated by engine coolant
  • Enhanced freeze resistant components:  pressure relief valve, foam cup and membrane around filter, vent  cap to allow re-expansion of cup, urea expansion channels       
  • Contains optional integrated dosing controls to monitor injector, temperature and pressure sensors
Supply Unit

Dosing Unit                                                                                                                                                                                        

  • Mounts to the decomposition reactor                     
  • Cooled by urea re-circulation, heated by electric
  • Contains proprietary pressure swirl atomizer with reinforced 11 layer nozzle
  • Enhanced freeze resistant components: urea expansion channels, temperature and pressure sensors with expansion bellows                                                
  • Contains injector, temperature and pressure sensor
Dosing Unit