Catalysts For Change. Solutions For a Cleaner Planet.

Global emissions standards are changing and require solutions that are innovative and deliver optimal efficiency for our customers.  We understand commercial vehicle aftertreatment and engine systems better than anyone.
Cummins Emission Solutions strives to provide the most flexible and most dependable solutions as individual as every piece of equipment and every customer’s needs. That’s what makes us your Catalyst for Change.


Why Cummins Emission Solutions?

We Are Flexible.

We can work with your designs to provide full system integration, or we can build products to your specifications. We can even provide testing support or even optimize your catalyst sizing. You tell us the level of involvement and we’ll make it work for you.  

Saving Time and Money.

Getting it right the first time saves time and resources.  Our virtual simulations are highly accurate to real-world applications and designs, optimizing the balance between performance, fuel economy, reliability, packaging size and precious metal loadings.

Going Global.

Cummins Emission Solutions and our strategic partner, Faurecia Emissions Control Technologies, operate 75 manufacturing facilities with 15 engineering centers, spread across five continents and 23 countries. So serving the needs of multinational customers with facilities in multiple locations is not a problem.

Being Resourceful.

To optimize performance requires an ability to understand the function and nature of every element, from the air intake on the engine to the aftertreatment system.  Leverage our unique expertise with a broad range of engine applications in limitless application types all over the world and balance your resource constraints.


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