EPA 2007 / 2010 / 2013 and beyond

Euro 5 / Euro 6 and beyond

Emission regulations are becoming more stringent in every major market.  Commercial vehicle customers expect increasingly cost effective and innovative solutions to enhance the performance of their vehicles or equipment.  Cummins Emission Solutions is well positioned to continue developing competitive solutions and expanding our capabilities to serve customers across the globe.

Cummins Emission Solutions has developed technology that enables engine and vehicle systems to meet current and upcoming Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and European (EU) emissions regulations.


Selective Catalytic Reduction Systems

Nearly 1 million selective catalytic reduction systems and complementary components have been in use worldwide since 2005.  SCR systems are an effective and reliable technology that reduces oxides of nitrogen (NOx) emissions for a broad range of on-highway applications and enables enhanced fuel economy.  Our systems require little to no maintenance with occasional dosing system filter maintenance depending on the application.

SCR systems use a chemical reductant, in this case urea, which is called Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) in North American or AdBlue in Europe.  DEF or AdBlue converts to ammonia in the exhaust stream and reacts with NOx over a catalyst to form harmless nitrogen gas and water.

The SCR systems are comprised of three main elements: SCR catalyst, urea dosing system and the aftertreatment control system. 

EcoFit SCR

Natural Gas Three-Way Catalyst

A three-way catalyst is an efficient way to manage emissions, such as oxides of nitrogen (NOx), carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and volative organic compounds, from rich-burn natural gas engines while providing optimal performance.  This solution requires no cleaning or maintenance.

Utilizing a flow-through substrate coated with a precious metal catalyst, the chemical oxidation process turns engine out emissions into harmless nitrogen, carbon dioxide and water vapor as they pass through the three-way catalyst.

NOx Adsorber

The NOx adsorber catalyst is a reliable solution that uses a combination of base metal oxide and precious metal coatings to effectively control oxides of nitrogen (NOx) emissions.  This solution requires no cleaning or maintenance.

The base metal component (for example, barium oxide) reacts with NOx to form barium nitrate – effectively storing the NOx on the surface of the catalyst.  When the available storage sites are occupied, the catalyst is operated briefly under “rich” exhaust gas conditions (i.e., the air-to-fuel ratio is adjusted to eliminate oxygen in the exhaust).  This releases the NOx from the base metal storage sites and allows it to be converted over the precious metal components to nitrogen gas and water vapor.

System Integration

Optimizing your vehicle for fuel economy, performance and reliability, while still meeting increasing global emissions requirements, is not easy. Cummins Emission Solutions' track record brings technology expertise, systems knowledge and unrivaled reliability, a unique advantage in being a complete integrator of critical emission sub-systems. We understand new emissions requirements and a vast array of vehicle and engine applications. You can leave the system integration to us - and manage your engineering costs more effectively.

Our System Engineering Solutions include:

  • System integration and modeling

  • Regeneration and thermal management solutions

  • Emissions compliance testing

  • Engine control module (ECM) tuning and licensing

  • Catalyst development, including substrates and coatings

  • Global prototyping