Euro 4 / Euro 5 / Euro 6

Bharat Stage IV

National Standard IV 

Cummins Emission Solutions understands that every customer is different and knows the importance of looking at each application in emerging emissions markets requires special consideration.  We are adapting existing and proven products as well as developing new systems to address emerging emissions in markets such as China, India, Korea and Russia.  We are dedicated to working and sourcing locally to meet your needs.


Selective Catalytic Reduction Systems

Selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems use a chemical reductant, in this case urea, which converts to ammonia in the exhaust stream and reacts with NOx over a catalyst to form harmless nitrogen gas and water.  Urea is a benign substance that is generally made from natural gas and widely used in industry and agriculture.  In our SCR systems, the urea injection rate must be tightly controlled. If the injection rate is too high, not all of the ammonia will react with the NOx, and some ammonia will “slip” through the catalyst.  If the rate is too low, the desired NOx reduction will not be achieved. Both situations are undesirable and must be avoided.


System Integration

Optimizing your vehicle for fuel economy, performance and emissions compliance in emerging markets can be a challenge.  With our unique expertise and knowledge of all engine makes combined with our emerging market presence, we can provide full local support. CES can provide full system integration that optimizes your complete engine and aftertreatment system and simplifies installation.   Because we understand emerging emissions requirements and have experience in developed markets, you can leave the system integration to us - and manage your engineering costs more effectively. Our System Engineering Solutions include:

  • System integration and modeling
  • Regeneration and thermal management solutions
  • Emissions compliance testing
  • Engine Control Module (ECM) tuning and licensing
  • Catalyst development, including substrates and coatings
  • Global prototyping