EPA 2010 / 2013 and beyond

Euro 4 / Euro 5 / Euro 6 and beyond

Bharat Stage IV

National Standard IV

Today’s constantly evolving emissions standards require a high level of technology to monitor, manage and diagnose aftertreatment systems.  Cummins Emission Solutions offers a variety of engineered components to accomplish all of these tasks using either a stand-alone or integrated approach. Our engineered components include the following:


Hydrocarbon Dosing Systems

Hydrocarbon dosing systems enhance injection and heat management capabilities for engines that may not have common-rail fuel systems or need an alternative to in-cylinder dosing.  We’ve been producing these injection components since 2006.  Our combined injector and fuel shutoff valve system is proven and designed to be fully integrated with various engine and aftertreatment systems.

A hydrocarbon dosing system injects unburned fuel upstream of the diesel oxidation catalyst or combination diesel particulate filters.  This process helps in the active regeneration of the diesel particulate filter. 


Urea Dosing Systems

Cummins Emission Solutions airless and air-assisted urea dosing systems enable reduction of oxides of nitrogen (NOx) emissions for selective catalytic reduction (SCR). Our knowledge and experience with urea-based systems and components complement any SCR solution. Understanding the complexity of the commercial vehicles and equipment allow us to offer a more integrated approach while delivering optimal emissions performance.

Our urea dosing systems use proprietary electronic control technology to measure pre-aftertreatment NOx levels. Based on the NOx level sensor reading, the controls system commands the urea doser to inject the reductant into the exhaust stream, which ultimately chemically reduces NOx levels output post-aftertreatment.

UA2 Air-Assisted Urea Dosing System

UL2 Liquid-Only Urea Dosing System


Urea Tanks & Lines

Urea tanks and lines provide system integration benefits for our customers, as the urea tank, line and urea quality sensor all can be applied across a wide range of on- and off-highway applications with SCR technology. This component offering provides added convenience and demonstrates our established commitment toward product reliability and dependability. Our serviceable tank filter and validated urea quality sensor exhibits Cummins Emission Solutions' strong response to our customer’s needs for superior products with features they can depend on.



Electronic Controls

Control systems by Cummins Emission Solutions can be used as a stand-alone module to enhance engine control capabilities or integrated right into the engine control module.  These systems monitor changes in pressure, temperature and oxides of nitrogen (NOx) while adjusting engine and aftertreatment operation for peak performance with the required emissions control. 

Our electronic controls and software capabilities are designed to support a complete set of aftertreatment options, including flow-through catalysts DPFs, SCR systems and injection system controls. 



Enhance your system interfaces for optimal performance with our off-the-shelf sensing technology:

  • Pressure sensors
  • Temperature sensors
  • NOx sensors
  • Oxygen sensors